Biking in the Burg

Feb. 3, 2019, 5:32 p.m.

I grew up in a bike-riding family.

On summer nights after dinner, we would ride into town for some ice cream and good conversations on the village green. So when I was feeling a little homesick in the middle of this past semester, my boyfriend, Gage, knew exactly how to make me feel better.

After a quick Google search for local bike rental places, he settled on Bikes Unlimited in downtown Lynchburg.

The guys at this place are great. They set us up with two awesome rides and we hit the trails along the James River.

We missed the peak of fall colors by about one week, but I think it’s a special thing that these few leaves decided to stay around just for us to enjoy them a little bit longer.

The trails begin near the bike shop and wind through wooded bike paths on an island in the James River. I recommend stopping on the footbridges on either side of the island to take pictures and listen to the sound of the river below.

Warning: taking pictures while on a bike can be dangerous—unless you’re a seasoned pro like myself. Watch out for joggers and dog-walkers too!

Who doesn’t love a good set of ‘his and hers’ bikes?

Old-school cruiser bikes are my personal favorite and I'm pretty sure the shop employee must have seen me eyeballing the pink one before we left.

We retired our bikes as the sun went down and promptly decided that we deserved a reward for our exercise. If you’re in downtown Lynchburg and you’re in a ‘treat yo self’ mood, there’s only one place to go—Cinn City.

For those who don’t know, Cinn City is a fabulous breakfast/dessert place that opened downtown within the past year. As the name implies, they specialize in the most wonderful cinnamon roll creations, though their menu reaches beyond just that.

Gage and I split this beautiful masterpiece and it was the perfect size dessert for both of us. We went the ‘make your own’ route and didn’t regret it. With cream cheese icing, strawberries, and almonds, I was convinced that this was the closest I’d come to the perfect cinnamon roll.

Good food and bike rides? Feels like home to me!