Saturday in the Park

Feb. 24, 2019, 12:50 p.m.

My dad has always claimed that “Saturday in the Park” by Chicago is one of the greatest songs of all time. Ironically, this song was one of the first tunes I heard playing over the loudspeakers of a store when I arrived in Spain.

So, in honor of that funny coincidence and because of the content of today’s blog post, I’d encourage you to grab some headphones and have a listen while you continue reading. It’s definitely not authentic Spanish music, but I'm sure it will get your foot tapping.

When my roommates and I first arrived in Spain, we all agreed that it was a shared goal of ours to get out and experience as much of Seville as we could during our short 4-month stay. This meant spending most of our afternoons and weekends exploring parks and city streets in our new home.

On this particular Saturday, the warm temperature and blue skies were practically begging us to have a picnic. So, we rounded up some goodies, decided on a park nearby, and set off to enjoy the day.

This park, named Parque de María Luisa, is directly adjacent to Plaza de España—one of Seville’s most famous landmarks. The landscape is full of dense greenery and little ponds.

We found the perfect grassy patch in between two different water features.

Of course, we had to make sure we were positioned to soak up the most sun possible. This Ohio girl has been deprived of her vitamin D!

Our picnic array featured the best of our local fruit stands and bakeries: a fresh bouquet of strawberries, two large loaves of bread, and some fine cheese and chocolate. The girls got a bottle of wine to split while I stuck to my can of classic Coca-Cola.

Though somewhat small, our lunch was packed with both great flavors and great conversations.

We raised our glasses to many more memories just like this one.

Side note: the strawberries here are excellent. Every single batch that I have had here are so ripe and so big!

Also, by way of introductions on this blog, pictured with me here are my housemates, Sarah and Valeria. They make pretty cute strawberry models, wouldn’t you say? Another housemate of mine, Hannah Grace, was behind the camera in these three pictures. You’ll get to see her face around here very soon!

When our tummies couldn’t possibly handle any more carbs, we walked around a little bit more then moved on to our next adventure of the day.

By now you should have finished our background song, “Saturday in the Park.” Keep on groovin' until I see you next time!